Avalon Chicken - Dog Food Wet (12 x 410g)

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Avalon Chicken - Wet Dog Food, our bestseller among wet food, offers your dog a delicious meal that is rich in animal proteins and essential vitamins. Perfect for dogs of all breeds, this holistic and natural food combines the nutritious goodness of chicken with the healthy properties of salmon oil, making it an irresistible choice for your four-legged friend.

✔️ Rich in vitamins
✔️ Lots of animal proteins
✔️ Chicken
✔️ Natural ingredients
✔️ Salmon oil
✔️ Tasteful
✔️ Holistic

Core benefits:

  • Rich flavor: Prepared with fresh chicken, Avalon Chicken - Wet Dog Food provides a flavorful and well-loved meal that every dog ​​will love.
  • Supports health: The unique blend of vitamins and minerals in Avalon Chicken - Wet Dog Food not only strengthens the immune system and overall health, but also contributes to strong digestion and compact stools.
  • High in animal proteins: The high concentration of chicken proteins effectively supports muscle building and provides the necessary energy for your dog.

Unique features:

  • Complete and holistic: Each can of Avalon Chicken - Wet Dog Food contains a completely balanced meal, made with natural ingredients and without added synthetic colors, flavors and fragrances.
  • Healthy skin and coat: Thanks to the addition of salmon oil, your dog will have a shiny coat and healthy skin.
  • Suitable for all breeds: Whether your dog is small or large, Avalon Dog Chicken will meet his nutritional needs and taste preferences.

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Composition: meat (chicken) and animal by-products (chicken, liver, heart): 20.0%, chickens: 15.0%, Cereals (wheat flour): 11.0%, vitamins and minerals: 4.0%

Crude Protein 6.5%
Crude Fat 4.5%
Crude Fiber 0.5%
Crude Ashe 2%
Copper 1mg
Zinc 15mg
Iron 24mg
Manganese 15mg
Iodine 0.3mg
Selenium 0.2mg
Vitamin A 1600IU
Vitamin D3 140IU
Vitamin E 10mg

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