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As you have already read by now, we’re a very passionate and specialised company. But how did Avalon actually get started? What is our story? What does our name mean and what do we stand for? On this page we’d like to take you on a journey through our story. Pleased to meet you, we’re Avalon. Click on the buttons below to learn more about us.



Avalon Petfood is run by a family business. Two brothers – with years of experience in the pet food industry – decided it was time for a change. For a revolution. And all of this in the spirit of better and more transparent food for dogs and cats. This ultimately led to the creation of Avalon. Thanks to lots of contact with both animal professionals and animal lovers in the past, a great deal of knowledge has been amassed over the years. And all within the framework of food and ingredients. For example, a number of essential nutritional elements were discovered which cause substantial changes in both dogs and cats. In recent years, this feeding process has been worked out in detail, which has led to Avalon! A revolution in the animal industry.

But why did Avalon decide to start an own nutrition line for dogs and cats? We thought it was essential to use all of our experience to improve health of our loved animals. Together with animal lovers, animal doctors and nutritionists we found the perfect composition which guarantees a better health for both dogs and cats. We also believe in transparency of our compositions and the choices we made concerning ingredients. Your voice is indescribably important for us. Together we are one Avalon Family and for that reason we’re always open for feedback or ideas. Are you curious what food is the most suitable for your animal? Please use our selection guide! 

As soon as you want to set up a nutrition line, the name is very important. For us, the name had to fulfil three requirements: it had to have a powerful appearance and meaning, our corporate slogan had to match, and the image had to be visually striking. Avalon immediately met all our requirements. In English it means strength and vitality. With this – both literally and figuratively – powerful meaning, we were able to immediately meet the first requirement. Our company motto, Strength and vitality for every dog and cat, matched this seamlessly. Finally, we managed to present the visual picture in a very beautiful and sleek way. That was the moment it was clear to us. The name was final: Avalon Petfood.

As a company, you must have a mission. A goal. Avalon’s goal is simple: we want to contribute to a better life for your four-legged friend. Small or large. Young or old. And of every conceivable breed. Nutrition plays an important part in this. By knowing what your dog or cat needs, we guarantee a better and healthier life for your furry friend. Take a quick look at our products or consult our selection guide!

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